MATYRIALOKA born and raised in a small village in Germany is a music producer/artist who defines his sound through the darker parts of electronic and a hint of pop music.
His ultimate goal is to combine underground influenced electronic music with modern pop production, to bend the boundaries of a sometimes static and uninspired scenery and simplify the experimental the unusual, to provide people with a wider range of perspective and self consciousness and to close the gab between “Underground” and “Mainstream”.
Originally he composed music for shorts, commercials and Image films as well as for other artists, working on his own artist career in the Background.

One of the more recent scores was the short “Träumer” (Dark Dreamer) which was awarded on many film festivals around the world.

Malte Andrae known as Matiryaloka is highly anticipated to create his own artwork and concepts, for him he has to be involved in every creative process associated with his name from artwork, video, photo to the tiniest article or social media post, living after the motto „if you want it done right, do it yourself”.

Despite the trust issues, he is not an antisocial person he created an anticipated and creative network around him, which supports and loves to work with him.
His artist name is a result of intensive study of religion, faith and the motivation of the human mind to get in touch and connected with something greater, although he himself is not a religious person.

Matiryaloka comes from the vedic Language, the vedic civilisation was one of the first organized and cultural very advanced societies in the world, it means literally “The World where everything is cursed to die” but the intended meaning is our Physical world where everything decays, to emphasize that there might be a whole different world ahead of us.

„For me there was never an alternative to do something else, everything I started brought me back to my music, I had so many jobs which never seemed to reach for that what I want so change. I want to change something in the perception of people’s mind that they will open up to the great diversity und complexity of our world. Everything try’s to be black and white, simple and portioned that you can swallow it easily, but that not how it works, never, our perception of reality differs and is enormously divers why does so much art and entertainment try’s to pull us out of our reality instead of changing our own, and not encourage us to be our own and not just a sponge of pre determined influences that we wont question. “

His musical roots are based originally in the post - hard-core rock scene playing in different bands as a drummer, after none of those project seemed to be promising for him, he started to produce his own music. At the age of 21 he moved to study music production in Berlin and get deeper into the life of a music producer.

Through out the studies he determined more and more his sound and his motivation to create something new, he got in touch with various characters from the pop and electronic scene, which reassured his perception of the lack of diversity in popular genres.
His music approaches the listener on a common ground, just to pull him to a more textured part of what he was expecting. The most common reaction to Matiryalokas music is: “I don’t know what is going on, but I want more!”.
His greatest inspirations are: Lorn, Robot Koch, Burial, Clark, Moderat, Modeselektor, Alex Banks, Ben Frost, Kangding Ray, Flume as well as Major Lazer, Skrillex, KllO, Tame Impala and George Maple, his dream is to work with one of his great inspirations at some point and also to create a score for a Videogame.

“...despite that ideas are a very fragile thing, we as humans don’t have ideas, we have only the opportunity to see a glance of them and afterwards try to reassemble them with our own fucked up egos, influences and stories.”